The LuxeLaw Experience

Buying or selling real estate is serious business. When you’re dealing with high-value property, the stakes are even higher. Choosing us is a deliberate (and, may we say, excellent) choice to step up the level of your conveyancing experience (like upgrading from economy to first-class).

The LuxeLaw experience is for those who truly appreciate the value of their time and the significance of luxury property transactions. It is our intention that once you make the switch, you’ll never go back to a conveyancing firm that competes only on price. Our focus is on quality over quantity.

We promise you an exceptional experience. Our focus is on saving your time, which we know is incredibly valuable. Being the innovative team that we are, we’ve designed our process in a way that makes each step as quick and easy as possible for you (not for us). We always go the extra mile to deliver a truly bespoke human experience.

We like to be as up-front as possible, so it’s important that you know that it is our sincere ambition to convert you from ‘new client’ to ‘raving fan’ by the end of your transaction.

Our favourite part of each conveyancing transaction is congratulating you on settlement day and celebrating with you!

Josh Fox

Sole Director and Lawyer

Josh is a lawyer, problem solver, speaker, and the founder of LuxeLaw (a division of Foxlaw). Along with a keen intellect, he brings passion, optimism and empathy to the practice of law.

Josh earned degrees in both law and commerce at the University of Queensland. He has studied abroad on exchange both at the University of British Columbia (Canada) and the University of Nottingham (UK). He holds a Master of Laws degree.

Josh loves travel and a good challenge (having ticked Everest Base Camp and the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro off his ‘100 Things’ List).

Josh is an enthusiastic advocate for business development and professional networking.

Josh is currently:

  • a Member of the Queensland Law Society; and
  • a Member of the Queensland Association of Collaborative Practitioners.

Why choose LuxeLaw

Dedicated solicitor (with 10+ years’ experience in property law) and conveyancing assistant (real humans) taking care of your matter. With us, you won’t have to face the increasingly common maze of contact methods (e.g. 1300 numbers, chat bots, enquiry forms, etc).

Bespoke approach to communication (tailored to your preferences) and the property buying/selling journey.

We save you time by making each step as quick and easy as possible for YOU. 

Detailed pre-signing Contract Review (at your request), including up to 10 pages of special conditions at no extra cost.

Innovative and exceptional service! We are at the leading edge of e-conveyancing and we go the extra mile for our clients.

Hands-on pro-active approach – we’re here to guide you (you won’t be chasing us for updates).

We take a holistic approach and communicate pro-actively with stakeholders involved in your transaction (e.g. banks/financiers/brokers, real estate agents, etc).

Our fixed fee is all inclusive, except for outlays (e.g. your chosen searches and settlement platform fees – passed on at cost). That means no unexpected extras – no agency, photocopying or postage fees, etc.

We utilise advanced legal software and provide helpful resources at key stages of your matter (to support your decision-making).

Your matter wraps up with our signature ‘Thank You’ package (including all the records your accountant will want along with some other goodies).


AUD 3,300


AUD 1,100